Latest Beta is : 3 Beta -04-XX  (Available for beta testing, Link in the video description).

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Tiny Launcher is a small and fast frontend for WHDLoad...but it can also launch AmigaDOS scripts (for games or demos that need to be assigned for example) and Amiga executables (Nowdays the Demoscene usually use .exe as extention). It has a builtin’ Protracker mod player, so you can use it as jukebox too.

It runs on Amiga ECS and AGA and takes advantage of the Amiga hardware (Smooth scrollings transition, Copperlist, Sampled Sounds, RAD...etc).

TinyLauncher can be downloaded here : Aminet

It has been made for people who are coming back on the Amiga platform after a long time. So you don’t have to worry, it’s very easy.