Tool Types issue.
There is an issue with Tool Types but only with some icons. After 24h of seeking, here is what I can explain:

-If you have this kind of Tool Type icon, it won’t work:

If you have this kind of icon, it will probably crash Tiny Launcher. Below «DON’T EDIT THE FOLLOWING LINES» there are about 17k of data (may vary within ‘installs’) and when I try to get all datas, it crash. (tested outside Tiny Launcher so there’s nothing I can do). But Don’t worry, here is what you need to do.

Check your icon: On the Workbench, click on the icon, and «Information».
So, you still wish to use Tool Types detection ?  Install NewIcons or install a pre-installed Workbench distribution like ClassicWB Lite. Problem solved!

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Actually working on TISE: «The Intrepid Scan Engine»

An optimized Scan Engine that Scan recursively all subdirectories, correct unwanted situation, sort the scaned files and put them in a new database format. Done at 80%.