Amiga Boot Selector (ABS)


So, what it it ?

Well it allow you to boot up to 12 different startup-sequences.

It can be very usefull if you use TinyLauncher for example and you don't want to boot the workbench or the early (startup for example).

Of course you can put your own label with your own startup-sequences, as you can see it will be well centered for a nice display.

In mine for example, I have the original startup-sequence without patches (it allow me to boot my CF on winuae (to do a backup it's faster) without editing the startup).

Or as you can see it allow me to start MacOS directly from ABS (without the workbench) and I have another one with PrepareEmul that land on the Workbench, so I can for example launch Miami or reconfigure ShapeShifter.

I have one to reckick in 1.3 (Kickcontrol was fun but sometimes I have to disable them (blizkick too) from my startup because they are incompatible with some software/games.

Oh well I have also one to start TinyLauncher, another one to start with blizkick...another one to reset (for example to reset PrepareEmul)...

The tool will create some empty files in S:AmigaBootSelector/ you'll just have to fill them with what you want.

Download it on Aminet !